Exhibition Catalogs

Download catalogs from previous Stone Center exhibitions.

Fall 2018

With Us Comes the Parallax: 30th Anniversary Retrospective

Fall 2017

Meaningful Fiction and the Figurative Tradition: The Art of Mequitta Ahuja

Spring 2017

The Beautiful Somewhere: The Art of Philemona Williamson

Fall 2016

James Barnor: Ever Young

Impossible Architectures: The Work of Eric Mack

Spring 2016

Figurative Visions and Collective Histories: The Work of Stefanie Jackson

Fall 2015

Amiri Baraka:  Meetings and Remarkable Journeys

Spring 2015

Ritual + Time Travel = Rebirth:  Images and Words by Michael Platt and Carol Beane

Fall 2014

Bodies of Resistance, Roots of Remembrance:  The Work of Stephen Hayes, Louis Luma and Lucia Mendez Rivas

Spring 2014

Re-Iterations of Resistance: Moments, Martyrs, Movements

Fall 2013

This Story Has Not Yet Been Told….The Work of Tim Okamura

Spring 2013

Bloodlines:  The Work of Toni Scott

Fall 2012
Nina Simone…What More Can I Say?

Spring 2011
The Magical Real-ism of Amy Sherald

Fall 2011
The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GI’s, and Germany

Spring 2010
La Sombra Y El Espiritu: Womens’ Healing Rituals in the Diaspora

Fall 2008
Black Dreams and Silver Screens: Black Film Posters, 1921-2004

Spring 2008
PepperPot:Multi Media Installation, Meaning, and the Medium in Contemporary African Diasporic Art

Fall 2007
Body and Soul: Paul Robeson, Race and Representation

Spring 2007
Radicals in Black and Brown: Palante, People’s Power, and Common Cause in the Black Panthers and the Young Lords Organization

Fall 2006
Inbetween Spaces: Textured Imaginings of African-American Lives