Fall Art Exhibition opens September 14 featuring the work of artist Mequitta Ahuja!

Meaningful Fiction and the Figurative Tradition: The Work of Mequitta Ahuja opens Stone Center Fall 2017 Gallery Season

“My work is a form of tribute, analysis, and intervention: tribute, out of sincere admiration for the figurative tradition; analysis, by making something vast comprehensible to both myself and to my viewers and intervention, by positioning a woman-of-color as primary picture-maker, in whose hands the figurative tradition is refashioned” says artist Mequitta Ahuja of her work.

The Stone Center will feature Ahuja’s paintings in its Brown Gallery this fall. The exhibit opens on Thursday, September 14, at 7 pm with a special reception and artist talk with Ahuja. Meaningful Fiction and the Figurative Tradition will be on display through November 22.