August 4, 2017

Check out the Stone Center’s Video archives, all available to view on Vimeo!

Check us out on Vimeo!

Did you miss a “can’t-miss” Stone Center event or lecture? Don’t worry– you can view video from Stone Center lectures, programs and special events on our Vimeo page.   Vimeo is a platform used to upload video content and share it on the internet—via your Vimeo page. You can access the Stone Center Vimeo page here:

We’ve upgraded our account so that we can share more content with you.   You can access videos from past programs and lectures as well as current content from our most recent events.

Below are video from 2 of our most recent events (you can view videos from all of our events at the vimeo link above):

“13th” Documentary Film Screening Panel Discussion

13TH-Panel Discussion from Sonja Haynes Stone Center on Vimeo.

Fall 2016 Stone Memorial Lecture delivered by Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro

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