January 11, 2022

Writers Discussion Series: Dialectics of Liberation by Abdul Alkalimat

Join us on February 3rd at 3:30PM via Zoom Webinar for a book talk with veteran scholar and activist, Abdul Alkalimat on his latest book: The Dialectics of Black Liberation: The African Liberation Support Committee.

Book Description: The Dialectics of Black Liberation: The African Liberation Support Committee is a study that analyses the important ideological debates (Marxism and Nationalism), anti-imperialist social movements, and support for African liberation. Over four key years grass roots organizing was the basis for a vibrant national movement. The key concepts developed for each year include the following: 1972 United Front, 1973 Black Liberation, 1974 Class Struggle, and 1975 World Revolution. In sum, the book ends with a section on legacy and lessons for the movements of the 21st century.

About the Author: Abdul Alkalimat (PhD University of Chicago) is a veteran scholar activist. In Black Studies he wrote the first textbook that is now on display at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture, and has just published The History of Black Studies (2021, Pluto Press). In the Black liberation movement, he was chair of the Chicago SNCC organization in the 1960s and a founder of the Black Radical Congress in the 1990s. He served on the executive committee of ALSC. He currently edits the website BrotherMalcolm.net. His work is contained in his website, Alkalimat.org.

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