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…Revolution: The Anti-Apartheid Movement in the 1970’s (book chapter) in No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists, 1953-2002. ed. by Charles Cobb, Jr., Gail Hovey, and William Minter. (Africa…

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Exhibition Catalogs

Black Dreams and Silver Screens: Black Film Posters, 1921-2004 Spring 2008 PepperPot:Multi Media Installation, Meaning, and the Medium in Contemporary African Diasporic Art Fall 2007 Body and Soul: Paul Robeson,…

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Reserve a Room

…Hill (UNC). To reserve facility space, download, read, and complete the room reservation form. The form explains Stone Center policy regarding reservations, public safety needs, food service and room arrangements….

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Exhibit Guidelines

…the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students, faculty, staff and administrators, the surrounding community, media and donors. The gallery will use special publications, evaluations, outreach programs, interpretive programs,…

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